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Adonvdo Kennel

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Pedigree for Mistycreek Go For The Gold
Parents Grandparents Great Grandparents Great Great Grandparents Great Great Great Grandparents Great Great Great Great Grandparents
CH Shamont The Grey Ghost

CH Shadow Hill's Rio Grande

CH Kencherry's Black Paul

CH Alfenloch Rio Lane Glacier AM/CAN CH Banchory Strike Me Silver ROM CH Banchory Formal Notice ROM ROMC
Banchory Ice Follie
Alfenloch Candice Bergen CH Banchory Formal Notice ROM ROMC
CAN CH Shadowhill's Bo Derik
Kencherry's Midnight Black DIA FCI Four Clover's Black Orphee Silver Sion Check Mate
Banchory Blue Ember UD
Blue Maryia Of Tama Village Tarrans Max-A-Million
Sapience Black Glow
Beech Tree Sinvar Theo'r Thora CH Lacycreek Monterey Jack CH Tall Timber Far Out Frisco CH Banchory Peerless
Tall Timber Sierra Tango
Lacycreek Mountain Song Lacycreek Bi A Masterpiece
Candi Bi Stonewall
Beech Tree Theodosia C. Bear Beech Tree Bear Apparent Cimmaron Straight Shooter
Beech Tree Mainstay Homemade
Beech Tree A Soft Blue Reply Celtic's The Answer
Beech Tree Mainstay Homemade
Shamont Do You See What I See

CH Dundee Nightline

CH Dundee Hullston Jambalaya ROM CH Dundee Amos Moses ROM ROMC CH Dundee Famous Amos
CH Fiego Star Of Africa
CH Hullston All the Rage AM/CAN CH Barwoods Impact ROM ROMC
CH Merlyn Hot Off The Press
Lakewood Dundee Outrageous CH Dundee Amos Moses ROM ROMC CH Dundee Famous Amos
CH Fiego Star Of Africa
Lakewood's N'Belmar Navarre CH Macdega Navarone
Kare's After Midnight
Shamont Unforgettable Day Shamont Rolling Thunder Shamont Thunderous Aplause CH Chenterra Thunderation ROM ROMC
CH SHamont Moonlight in Moscow
Shamont Garden of Delights CH Shamont King Of The Night
Shamont Paint The Stars
Shamont Bi The Light of the Moon II

CH Shamont Ghost Of A Chance ROM

CH Macdega Proof Positive ROM
Shamont The Touch of Blue
Shamont Standing Ovation CH Chenterra Thundersation ROM ROMC
CH Shamont Moonlight in Moscow
Wayside's Summer Brandy Wayside's Star Performer Lakewood's Double Trouble AM/CAN CH Banchory Deep Purple ROM ROMC CH Sundowner Mr Bojangles ROM CD CH Tentagel David Copperfield
CH Tentagel The Genie
CH Horizon White Ice CH Banchory Blue Thunder ROM
Banchory Flash Of Blue
Macdega Blue Mendy CH Macdega Proof Positive ROM CAN CH Ridgeside Star Wars
Banchory A Blue Nun
Macdega The Black Rose CH Macdega Oh Mi On Key
Quandary Coming Up Roses
Shadybank's Macroon Cookie Cin-Del's Panda Bear of Wayside  AM/CAN CH Bachory Classic Image ROM ROMC  CH Banchory Formal Notice ROM ROMC
 Banchory A Blue Nun
 Banchory Night Chant  AM/CAN CH Banchory The Midnight Hour II
 CAN CH Akirene's Snowbird
Shadybank's Spun Gold Chenterra Texas Beau Chenterra Marshland Maistro
Chenterra Black Velvet Bow
Westwood's Badgerton Bon Bon CH Jade Mist All American Dream
CH Mainstay Sugar Babe
Hyacres Bi Love of Wayside AM/CAN CH Cedarbar Bi Midnight ROMC AM/CAN CH Banchory The Midnight Hour II AM/CAN CH Harvest Hills Shoeshine Boy ROM  AM/CAN CH Banchory Deep Purple ROM ROMC
Harvest Hills Twilite Tear ROM
Banchory Excaliber Elite CH Banchory Blue Thunder ROMC
Excaliber Turn 'Em On
Legacy Sheza Breeze CH Legacy Steela Breeze Banchory Private Enterprise
Banchory Flow Blue
Legacy Love'N Emotion AM/CAN CH Banchory The Midnight Hour II
Banchory Promo Sand Pebbles
Sherane's Love Parade Sulay's Jonathan L

CH Cherden Sock It To 'Em ROM ROMC CD

CH Diamond Robert Bruce ROM ROMC
Jullaine's Wood Mist O'Cherden
Karral Windson of Sulayman CH Scotchgard Sea Chaney
Merrilon I Hear Bells
September Goody Two Shoes CH Karral Good Times ROM CH Barwoods Domination
Karral Ramblin' Rose
CH September Satin Slippers CH Romayne Sportin' Life ROM ROMC
CH September Silk Stockings

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