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We are located in northwest Ohio.  We are just 5 miles east of Indiana & 3 1/2 miles south of Michigan.  In 2007 I started a new breeding plan and decided to rename the kennel for several reasons.  I wanted a unique name and beings I have Cherokee ancestry decided I would like a Cherokee name so that my kennel name would not be duplicated.  So that is how it became Adonvdo Kennel.  In the Cherokee language, adonvdo can be translated into heart, soul and spirit.  Because I put my heart, soul and spirit into the betterment of the breeds, I thought this was a very fitting name for my kennel.
Through perseverence and a lot of studying, asking questions, and listening to other reputable breeders, we are finally on our way to producing excellent quality miniature dachshunds and Shetland sheepdogs.
We have a great love and devotion for these breeds and it is our sincere hope that we can help to preserve the fine qualities of these breeds that make them so desirable, not only to us but to other breeders as well.  Our long term goals are to produce the finest healthy specimens of these breeds that we can in an effort to better the breeds.  This comes about by much reading and studying the standards and pedigrees.
We were married in 1973 and have lived right here ever since.  We live on about 160 acres and also raise miniature horses.
We have two daughters.  Heather was born in 1978 and Crystal was born in 1982.  Crystal was very active in training and showing her dogs.  She started in 4H with Nancy, her tricolor sheltie, in 1995.  Crystal and Nancy just seemed to click as a team and did excellent in obedience and agility.   They went to state in 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998 & 1999.  In 1995 & 1996 they placed 13th & then in 1997 they placed 12th.  In 1998 they placed 9th in Graduate Novice Open obedience.  In 1999 they placed 6th with a score of 226 out of a possible 230.  Their trainers, Sal & Pete Mansell, and I were very proud of them.  Nancy also attained approximately 10-12 agility titles in several different associations of agility.  You could tell by the way Nancy watched Crystal that she was totally devoted to Crystal and would do anything that Crystal asked her to if it was at all possible. 
Nancy went to the Rainbow Bridge in May, 2005.  She is deeply missed.
Heather was active in 4H with her Arabian, Jewel.  We bought Jewel when she was just 3 years old.  Heather was only about 12 years when we bought Jewel and I was a little worried about getting a greenbroke Arabian for Heather, but that was the horse she wanted.  At first she started Jewel in pleasure classes.  After they got used to each other and were getting along really good, Heather started contesting Jewel.  Heather and Jewel made a great team and were always in the ribbons.  Each year at the fair they always seemed to win 1 or 2 Grand Champion trophies and a few Reserve Champion ribbons.  They always made us proud.   Jewel now lives with Heather.
Please call or email me at anytime if you have any questions or would like to know if we have any puppies available.
My husband and I have trained in obedience and agility since approximately 1995.  I have titled several dogs in UKC obedience and we both have titled dogs in various agility organizations - NADAC, USDAA, UKC, and CPE.   We finished our first two UKC Champions on 6-30-07 and on 7-5-07, I put our first AKC points on two of our dachshund puppies.

Diamond D's Holly Tennelle U-AGI U-CD
Sable Merle & White

Holly was my first sheltie that I trained in obedience and agility.  She was a small sheltie of only 13 1/4" tall.  She received her U-CD in only 3 trials.  She had 2 legs of her AKC CD.  Holly also had her U-AGI title and was working on her U-AGII title.  Holly died suddenly just 4 days short of her 8th birthday. 
Holly, you are deeply missed.  You were a very special girl to me.  You will always have a special place in my heart.  I'll see you again one day at the Rainbow Bridge.

Holly - 3/12/94-3/8/02
U-CD, U-AGI, 2 AKC CD legs

Wayco's Trace-N-Blue CGC U-AGI U-CD
Blue Merle

I picked Trace up the day after I lost Holly.  I had already made arrangements to get him so it wasn't because I lost Holly.
Trace is in training for obedience and agility and is doing very good.  Trace got his UAGI in April, 2007 & 2 UCD legs.  He got his 3rd UCD leg in September, 2007, at the Montpelier trials.
Check back to see how he is progressing.

Trace is a blue merle.



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